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Anniversary 2018

2 days . 1 200 guests . 24 nations . 40 50 190 years Group Schumacher.

We celebrate the colors of harvest. Not only the foundation of the original company Gebr. Schumacher 50 years ago but also the anniversaries of EWM . Eichelhardter Werkzeug- & Maschinenbau [40] as well as Rasspe Systemtechnik [190] built the framework for the anniversary year.

The highlight was the 2-days-anniversary party on 16 and 17 August 2018. Being a family-run and middle-sized company operating in the international markets as well as the commitment for the Perfect Harvest will be the guidelines of GROUP SCHUMACHER also for the next generation.

"Group Schumacher is only at the beginning of its success story.
No one anywhere in the world who aims to harvest grain or soybean efficiently can afford to ignore your company. Day after day, your exceptionally high level of customer commitment, flexibility and reliability show that you are consistently ahead of your competitors."

Dr. Volker Wissing
Minister for Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture, Rhineland-Palatinate

"Success factor Generation Y.
No one is born an entrepreneur, but today everyone has the opportunity to implement his or her own idea. What that person needs is the courage to just do it."

Felix Plötz, Business owner

"The will to change.
The basis of all entrepreneurial action is the will to change and the courage to get started, plus that little bit of luck to succeed. Anyone who takes too long to make decisions is simply left behind in the slow lane."

Fred Schumacher, CEO

"One thing I would like to share with you as you go on your way:
Be colorful and not grey in grey. Be creative and allow yourself to be fascinated.
Be cheerful and enjoy yourself. If you live and go to work in that spirit,
you will have found your way."

Heinz-Günter Schumacher, CEO

"Music is the common language of all nations on this earth. Khalil Gibran
With this quotation, I hope that you always find the right language to be well understood in a company that employs many different people from many nationalities; and that you will use your colors and your personality to map out your future."

Florentine Schumacher, Singer

"From the fields of the Westerwald to the fields of the world.
By virtue of courage and commitment, we have established our presence on the fields of the world, and today we are pleased to welcome colleagues from four different continents. The time has now come for the third generation of the family to take over.
It wasn’t just by maintaining the status quo that GROUP SCHUMACHER enjoyed such success over the years."

Selina Schumacher, CEO

"Special thanks also go to the teams from our sites abroad.
Even though we’ve grown a lot in recent times, especially the last ten years, we haven’t changed the strength of character, the flat hierarchies or the personal approach that have shaped this company and made it so special."

Moritz Schumacher, Engineer, Industry 4.0

A team is an organism

that is characterized by active listening and a willingness to compromise.
A team thrives on wholehearted commitment and on awareness of its own strengths.
Also important are the will and the courage to try things out and carry them through to a successful conclusion."

Fred and Heinz-Günter Schumacher