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Radura Parts Catalogue


   radura® Parts Catalogue

   the quick locator for your
   harvester parts


  • New radura® Parts Catalogue of GROUP SCHUMACHER cutter bars
  • The fast and reliable parts reference
  • For dependable performance of your machine in the heat of harvest
  • The printed format complements the online product finder at

Eichelhardt, 3 July 2020

As farmers and contractors get ready for the 2020 harvest campaign, GROUP SCHUMACHER presents a new radura® Parts catalogue for combine headers. The catalogue focuses on forged system parts and offers a straightforward and systematic approach to finding the proper parts by grouping them by make and model for easy and clear identification. Whether it’s knife sections, guards, sectional knives or knife heads – a timely replacement in the run-up to harvest is critical for a successful campaign and a threshing quality uncompromised by worn-off parts. The comprehensive portfolio of radura® products offers perfect-fit and quality-tested products that ensure a consistent and reliable machine performance, taking the stress off your local dealer and machine men should a repair or replacement become necessary in the heat of harvest. The catalogue helps accelerate decision-making and order processes.

The radura® Parts Catalogue of cutter bars supplements the web-based interactive platform which offers an advanced search function by applying several parameters to define the form and size of radura® sections and blades for grain and forage harvesting.  

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