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Rob Ewoldt: A ‘day and night difference’

Davenport, Iowa | USA

Robert Ewoldt is a corn and soybean farmer in Iowa. He also is Director of the Iowa Soybean Association since 2015, and he had his ears wide open when friends told him about the performance of the Schumacher System.

The talks about a ‘day and night difference’ in durability of the cutterbar and the smoother running of the system made him decide to also retrofit the 30 foot flex header of his John Deere 9760 STS combine.

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Stan Kading: 'Making the difference'

Casey, Iowa, USA

Stan Kading and his two sons Ash and Alex farm about 6,000 acres of corn and 6,000 acres of soybeans. They have been using Schumacher harvesting technology for almost a quarter of a century, finally they are using 40 foot headers now.

The family has been using minimum tillage for decades. That is why – in addition to the dense soybean crop – corn stalks from one or even two previous corn harvests will also stand on the fields.

“So when it comes to harvesting the beans between September 15 and mid October, the knives of the header will have to cope with all the soybean stems and all the corn stalks at the same time. And to tell you the truth: I would not know any harvesting system that could get that job done as smoothly and as reliably as the Schumacher System.”

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All reports: Andreas Frangenberg