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Double knotter

The Schumacher double knotter

The twine must intercept high rebound forces of the bale, when the compacted material leaves the bale chamber. The holding force of the knots is crucial. The Rasspe portfolio offers HDC double knotters for high-density balers as well as high-performance knotter innovations for up to 8 knotter units per drive shaft.

RS double knotters for high-density square balers

RS 6131
HDC double knotter

  • Suitable for high-density big balers
  • For highest loads
  • Hay, straw and silage collection
  • 4-6 knotter units per drive shaft
  • Hub diameter for shafts up to 55 mm Ø

RS 8800
HDC compact knotter

  • New compact design
  • Twine distance has reduced to 133 mm
  • More twines on same bale width (up to 8, with a bale chamber width of 1.20 m)
  • It is therefore now possible to further increase bale weight while retaining the same bale size
  • Bale densities can be increased substantially

RS 9000
Loop double knotter 

Knotter innovation, awarded the DLG Innovation Medal 2015

The completely constructive redesign of the RS 9000 enables:

  • The installation of more knotter units in the same working width (up to 8, with a bale chamber width of 1.20 m)
  • The use of thicker twines (up to 100 m/kg instead of 130 m/kg)
  • Better maintenance of the knotter, as the knotter drive is reduced to one shaft
  • The knotter unit can be quickly exchanged by a new plug system