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Single knotter

The Schumacher single knotter

The Rasspe portfolio comprises different types and capacities of single knotters: Loop knotters as well as single knotters based on the deering system for 2-3 twines and HDC variants for 4-6 twines.

Single knotters for small and medium sized bales

RS 3770 for small bales

  • Knotter for very small balers
  • Hay and straw collection
  • Undivided hub
  • Hub diameter 28, 28.6, 30 mm Ø

RS 6003 High Performance

  • High-performance single knotter
  • For balers with 2-3 twines
  • Divided and reinforced hub, resulting in easy maintenance
  • Hub diameter 35 mm Ø

RS 6003
with centralized lubrication

  • Single knotter with centralized lubrication
  • For difficult harvest conditions
  • Reduction of maintenance time
  • Increased service lifespan

HDC single knotter for 4-6 twines

RS 6100 HDC single knotter

  • Suitable for high-density square balers
  • Hay and straw collection
  • 4-6 knotter units per drive shaft
  • Divided hub for simple maintenance
  • Hub diameter up to 40 mm Ø