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Crop lifter

The Schumacher Crop Lifter

Crop lifters have a long tradition at Schumacher. The first crop lifter, that Gustav Schumacher developed, represented the beginning of a successful engagement for headers and the founding of the Schumacher enterprise. Today, crop lifters  are essential in the harvest of different crops such as cereal and soy bean.

  • For use in down crop
  • For a controlled intake of stalks in the header

Crop lifter series for rigid cutter bars

ASK crop lifter until 2018 -
ASL crop lifter from April 2018

Standard crop lifter

  • Secure and quick attachment via locking strap
  • Optimum performance in difficult conditions and lodged crops
  • Closed slimProfile to prevent reel tine intervention
  • For use on rigid headers and locked flex headers

Variants for optimum fit on all common guards

SK, UK Ährenheber

Extremely strong crop lifter

SK series
The runner is supported by a spring skid

UK series
In addition the runner and spring skid are reinforced by a stiffener

Variants with steel tip -S- for harvesting peas and other down crops

CM crop lifter

For Claas headers
mounting by bolting

  • Mounting with screws
  • Grounded tip
  • Closed lifting profile (slimProfile) to prevent reel tine intervention

CM-300 Standard cutting height
CM-400 Low cutting height

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