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Straw chopper knife

The Schumacher straw chopper knife

A straw chopper knife is subject to particular wear at the outer blade edges. In this area, the sharp cutting edges are subject to particular wear and tend to round off. With hard cover knives, one side of the blade is hardened to a greater extent than the other (beaver tooth effect). A sharp edge remains, where the soft material is subject to wear. 

Enduring hard-cover straw chopper knives

Straight design
For all straw chopper types

  • Hard cover knife
  • “Beaver tooth effect” for consistently good chopping results
  • The wear of the blade produces a sharp edge at the transition to the more hardened material

Turned design

Paddle knife for width distribution

  • Hard cover knife
  • Width distribution of the straw up to 9.00 meters
  • Turned knives steer and increase the speed of air in the straw chopper
  • Homogenous lateral distribution
  • Simplifies the following soil cultivation

Available as a set with bearing bushings

For security reasons we recommend to exchange the knives in combination with new bearings.