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Combine harvesting

The Radura combine parts

The Radura program offers perfectly fitting spare parts for combine harvesting, which warrant easy application and safe use during harvesting.

Sectional knives

  • Hardened knife connection
  • Bolted design
  • Easy exchange of sections
  • Easy transport and storage
  • All knives in a 2.60 m box
  • For all common forged guard cutting systems


  • Inductive hardening for best cuts
  • Great strength
  • Models for all harvest conditions

Top serrated, bottom serrated, smooth
Serration fine, coarse, extra coarse
Individual surface treatment
Screwed or riveted

Forged guard

  • Great resistance to wear
  • Great strength
  • Exact clearances

Hold downs

Knife heads

  • Choice of designs for optimum connection between the knife drive and the cutting system
  • Choice of welded and cast steel knife heads

Single-piece knife

  • Variants for all requirements
  • Model with knife head
  • For all common forged guard cutting systems

Straw chopper knife

  • Cold-rolled as well as inductively hardened edges for longer service lives
  • Closer weight tolerance for smooth operation
  • Chafing of drill hole for secure hold
  • For all common combine harvester types

Serrated model
Smooth model
Additionally with head wate

Smooth or serrated

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