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Biomass chopper

The Schumacher biomass chopper

The use of farm fertiliser instead of energy plants in biogas digesters causes an economic and ecological benefit. This biomass has to be broken up to use it in biogas plants. The process also enables higher and faster biogas production.

The new and mobile Rasspe RS CutMaster is a robust and easy-to-handle biomass processing system that is able to treat a wide range of different substrates.

The mobile and universal chopper processing manure and fibrous material

RS CutMaster

  • Modular design: break-up unit, singling and feeding roller, chopper
  • Individual adaptation to a wide range of spreaders and forage transport wagons
  • Operated by standard tractors (power range ~ 200 kW)

Robust and easy-to-handle system

  • Operates blockage-free, no screens required
  • Increases gas yields and fermentation rates
  • The pivoting suspension system protects the blades from damage by foreign materials

The chopping allrounder

  • Fibrous biogas substrates
  • Facilitates the use of horse dung and other farm fertiliser in biogas plants
  • Suitable for shredding straw and hay for use as animal feed and bedding
  • Effectively breaks up bales