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Tying machine

The Schumacher tying machine

Tying roses, shrubs, and nursery trees to easy-to-handle bundles is easy to do with the Rasspe tying machine. Exact and high-strengths ties result from the Rasspe single knotter, which is proven a million times in balers. Designed as a mobile unit the tying machine is ready to work anytime, anywhere.

Tying system for gardening and tree nurseries

RS tying machine

  • Drive with electro motor or power take-off (suitable for 3-point hitch)
  • Twine length adjustibale to bundles with a diameter of 30 - 40 mm
  • The size of the machine
    height: 1900 mm | width: 1330 mm | length: 1160 mm

Rasspe single knotter

  • Exact tying and high-strength ties from the Rasspe single knotter
  • The knotter is placed in a casing above the binding table, sheltered from pollution
  • Made for synthetic twines with a length of 600 – 900 m/kg and sisal twines with a length of 400 – 600 m/kg

Drive unit

  • The low-noise v-belt drive creates a comfortable working environment
  • The drive-unit as well as the trigger have low-maintenance requirements