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GROUP SCHUMACHER is a global player in AG business.

Having a mid-sized company structure and being independent, GROUP SCHUMACHER is specialized in components and systems for harvesting machines. Based on three traditional German companies and four brands, GROUP SCHUMACHER offers it’s products and services worldwide.

With our experience and practical approach, we strive to provide innovative harvesting solutions to improve the productivity of manufacturers as well as farmers and contractors. Our products can be found wherever there are stalks to be cut, or straw to be chopped or collected. We enable a high-performance and secure harvest of the raw materials used in the production of food and energy.

The brothers Gustav and Günter Schumacher founded a company in 1968 in order to promote their product, a quick-to-mount crop lifter. On their farm where they also offered contractor works as threshing, they were the first farmers in the region of Altenkirchen/Westerwald to introduce self-propelled combine harvesters. In 1978 they founded another company to meet the rising needs for production technology for an extended portfolio including cutting systems and knife drives.

Internationalization began in the 1990s, with founding companies in the US, Brazil and Russia. In 2000 Rasspe Systemtechnik became part of the Schumacher group.

We have always been driven by a dedication to improving systems and components for harvesters and making them available to all users.

Founding dates | Expansion of the Schumacher Group

1968 Gebr. Schumacher GmbH
1978 EWM Eichelhardter Werkzeug- &
         Maschinenbau GmbH
1995 Schumacher Company LC
2001 Schumacher Industrial Ltda (former Agma)
2000 Rasspe Systemtechnik GmbH (gegr. 1827)
2004 Schumacher OOO
2010 Schumacher OOO, branch Krasnodar
2012 GmbH

Our Vision

„To be the leading partner for the best harvesting technology for front and rear end equipment and binding components for agriculture, for all our customers in the value chain.“